Private and semi-private classes


The ancient yoga teachers understood the importance of teaching directly to one student.

One on one yoga sessions were the traditional practice, so that each individual could maximize his or her learning. Simply put, yoga instructors were the first personal trainers, and they focused on both the mind and the body to create life long positive changes that incorporated all aspects of your life.


Private classes are designed to meet individual goals of the student, and the reasons for private classes are different for each individual:












- You have a special health concern that isn't conducive to traditional group classes or you are recovering from an injury.

- You have a specific goal in mind (strengthen core/arms/legs, improve flexibility, etc.) and prefer the effectiveness of private instruction.

- You want to learn calming and stress reduction techniques, how to meditate, or how to incorporate yoga philosophies into your everyday life.

- You simply want an hour once a week where you can focus on yourself and have that hour designed to meet your needs.

Benefits of private classes


Private classes can help you meet your personal goals faster.


Private classes will reduces intimidation and improve confidence.


Private classes allow you to receive special modification for specific health concerns or injuries.


Private classes allow you to learn how to make modifications that work best for your body.


Private classes help to increase self awareness, and reduce stress and anxiety.


Private classes allow you to create a flexible schedule.


Private classes help to deepen your yoga practice.




No knowledge of yoga is required for these classes, and emphasis is placed on proper personal alignment and tailored poses for your specific needs/wants. Private and semi-private classes are also perfect for beginners who may feel overwhelmed with the pace of a typical flow-style yoga class.


The cost of private instruction is $40 - $50 and can be purchased as a single class, a three class pass, or a five class pass.


A five class pass also includes a personalized home plan, printed resources, nutritional information, as well as before/after record keeping.



Semi Private classes are a great way to practice yoga with friends and/or family while still receiving individual instruction tailored to your specific needs.

The cost of semi-private instruction (2-5 people) is $40 - $60


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