Hatha vs Vinyāsa

We see these two words a lot in the yoga world, so what's the difference? Hatha yoga includes all physical type of yoga and the term has been around since the 15th century, while vinyāsa is one specific type of hatha yoga, what we commonly call flow yoga!


Vinyāsa. Vinyāsa is a flow-styled class, in which we flow from one pose to the next, using transition poses. A key factor of vinyāsa is that we typically move one-breath-one-movement, so the pace is fairly constant with lots of movement, pausing and only holding poses occasionally.


Hatha. The word Hatha can be translated in a number of ways, but for the purpose of our descriptions and classes we will use this translation: the sun (ha) and the moon (tha), the yoga of balance! We incorporate a choreographed flow into most of our classes, so that transitions are less awkward and more natural, but we follow the traditional slower pace of movements and focus on each individual yoga pose, including counter poses and deep stretching. In these classes, we hold the poses a little longer, taking time to check our alignment and to also take a few slow focused breaths during each pose. It should be noted that even in our hatha classes we may use a short vinyāsa-style (one-breath-one-movement) warm-up to build heat in the body.



We haven't labeled our classes based on ability as each person judges their own ability differently. Hatha classes are typical performed at a slower pace than vinyasa, strength classes require more physical exertion, and each instructor offers a different level of cuing and demonstration.

Just as our bodies are all different, so are our yoga preferences.

We encourage you to try a few different classes to find the best fit, as we are confident that there is a class for you!


Class Descriptions


*Hatha with Jenn (Gentle Flow)

Wednesdays 7:00pm - 8:00pm

This hatha yoga class is designed to focus on body alignment and the calming of the mind. We flow slowly through poses, holding our standing poses for a few breaths longer than we do in our vinyāsa classes, and offering gentle transitions from pose to pose. These classes warm the body, offers progressive strength building, balance practice, deep stretching, and restorative poses to end your practice. This class focuses on learning particular poses and transitions, so that we can eventually move through the poses without much thought - encouraging an experience that quiets the mind.

Jenn's bio


*Vinyāsa with Jenn

Sundays 7:30pm - 8:30pm

In this class we hold the physical poses less and instead we incorporate a series of one-breath-one-movement choreographed pose flows. Vinyāsa classes build a lot of heat in the body, allowing you to stretch deeper and go a little further in your practice. As with our hatha classes, this class also incorporates strength, balance, deep stretching, and restorative poses. Jenn offers predictability in her classes, and incorporates a set of standard poses in each and every class, encouraging confidence and a deeper mind/body connection.

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*Vinyāsa with Emily (Warrior Flow)

Tuesdays 7:00pm - 8:00pm

A vinyāsa strength class, with greater emphasis placed on variations of standing warrior poses, and less emphasis placed on plank pose/downward dog variations. A wonderful class for anyone looking to build strength and quiet the mind, while still providing the opportunity to challenge yourself. This class is also perfect for you if you like variety, as Emily beautifully introduces a wide variety of choreographed flows - you will learn something new each week!

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*Vinyāsa with Gail

Wednesdays 5:45pm - 6:45pm

A vinyāsa class that focuses on foundation poses and stability. Perfect for those who like the vinyāsa pace but want to refrain from twists and master the basics. Gail brings enthusiasm to all of her classes and inspires confidence in her student. Definitely a class to add to your schedule!

Gail's bio coming soon!


*Strength with Kayla (Core Strength & Flow)

Thursdays 7:00pm - 8:00pm

A vinyāsa strength class targeting the entire body, but focusing on building core strength to increase stability, reduce back pain, and build overall strength - and you'll gain some anatomy knowledge while you're there! Expect to experience some elements of a typical vinyāsa class, while also holding some key poses to build deeper strength. Suitable for all abilities, this class is one you definitely want add to your yoga practice.

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*Strength with Trudy (Strength & Meditation)

Mondays 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Strong body, strong mind. This class is the perfect combination of exertion and mindfulness. Beginning with meditation to help ground us into the present moment while strengthening the mind, body and spirit connection. Build strength in your body with thoughtfully designed and purposeful pose sequencing; build strength in your mind by tuning into your center. Based on vinyāsa and strength principles, Trudy will challenge both your body and your mind.

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*Beginner Breakdown

Thursdays 6:00pm - 6:50pm

This is an 8 week program designed for beginners to teach foundation poses and transitions. Throughout the classes we will introduce yoga poses slowly, offering personal alignment tips to lower the risk of injury and allow you to fully enjoy the benefits of yoga. We end with a full 60 minute hatha class. No experience required.

Maximum class size: 15

This class is taught by Jenn.


*Prenatal Friendly Yoga

Tuesdays 6:00pm - 6:50pm

These classes are designed for those planning to become pregnant and those of any gestation 1 to 42 weeks, but is open to everyone! Enjoy a yoga flow that is safe for prenatal/postnatal bodies, and a gentle alternative to a standard vinyāsa class. Students are encouraged to bring pillows and blankets for comfort.

*This class offered on a biweekly basis for January and February. If there is enough interest, this will become a regularly scheduled class.

This class is taught by Kayla, our very own labour and delivery nurse!


*Yoga and Mindfulness: Girls Empowerment Circle: Ages 9-12

Saturdays 11:00am - 12:00pm

“To empower a little girl is to empower the woman she will become” ~ Diane Von Furstenberg


Today’s children face tremendous pressure to achieve in a world that is often overwhelming. Starting yoga early can help not only build strength and flexibility, it can also promote a better self image, leading to stronger self-confidence. Yoga and mindfulness also offer proven methods of developing the inner resilience needed to navigate physical, mental and emotional stress. This 5 week program will teach techniques for coping with the unique issues young girls face every day, including insecurity about their changing bodies, the pressure to fit in, and stressful schedules. Together through yoga, art, and circle activities, we will create a safe space for girls to come together, uplift and empower each other.  Each class will be broken down into three sections: 1) Circle Activity; 2) Art and Mindfulness Activity; 3) Yoga Strength/Balance/Flexibility Poses.
*A PDF Version of the Flyer can be found HERE

This class is taught by Jenn.





The following is a list of class descriptions not currently on the schedule.

These classes can be added if there is enough interest.


*Sunrise Yoga

A beautiful mix of hatha and vinyāsa styled instruction! You will be carried through a gentle warm up, strength building and balance āsanas, an introduction to more challenging poses, deep stretching, restorative poses, and a final relaxation that will mentally prepare you for the day ahead. Non competitive, and focus is placed on individual progression.

Small class size, 4 - 8 people.

This class is taught by Jenn.


*Individual Practice Classes

These classes are all about personal progress. If there are poses you are working towards, or if you want to deepen your practice by learning new poses, more physically challenging poses, and/or breathing and meditation techniques, this is a great class for you! With a small class size, you will be given one-on-one instruction and feedback. Would you like to learn an arm balance? How to start a meditation practice? Tips and breathing strategies to reduce anxiety? Check out our first class on September 27th.

This class is taught by Jenn.


*Stability Yoga

This is not a flow class. Its purpose is to develop strength, mobility and stability through the holding of various yoga poses for longer periods of time. The benefits of holding poses a little longer is that you build significantly more strength, you give yourself time to properly adjust your alignment, you give space for your emotions, and you have an opportunity to stabilize your mind. Holding poses for a longer period of time is an extremely beneficial addition to your practice.

This class is taught by Jenn.


*Balance Board Yoga

Challenge yourself by lifting your practice off the mat! Balance Board yoga (SUP Yoga) is a fun way to take poses to the next level. Requiring more focus, it strengthens the mind/body connection while challenging the body through a mix of hatha and vinyāsa. Suitable for all abilities, but knowledge of foundation poses is an asset.

Maximum class size: 8

This class is taught by Jenn.


*Yoga for the senses

Each class is 90 minutes and incorporates various music and chimes, aromatherapy with high quality essential oils, and a surprise treat! Through vinyāsa styled instruction you will be carried through a gentle warm up, strength building and balance āsanas, with extra time in deep stretching, and a final relaxation that includes an optional neck massage to relieve any residual tension that has built throughout the day. *Not a regular weekly class, dates and prices will be announced.

*Maximum 15 students


*Teen Yoga: Ages 13 and up

Yoga classes are inclusive and non-competitive. Students are encouraged to move at their own unique level and ability, whatever that may be. No prior yoga experience is required. Everyone can do yoga! Classes are 45 minutes and include standard yoga poses, focused breathing techniques, balance poses, deep stretching, and relaxation/meditation. Students will be introduced to over thirty individual yoga poses including balance and inversion poses. Classes follow a vinyāsa style in which students smoothly transition from one pose to the next. These classes also offer pose breakdown and partner poses if students are interested. These classes are currently being offered on a PAY WHAT YOU CAN (or nothing at all)basis once a month! Maximum accepted is $10, Minimum is $0. All proceeds from this class will be donated to Choices for Youth.

This class is taught by Jenn.


*Parent/Child Classes

Young children naturally like to move and dance. This love of movement makes for an easy transition to various yoga poses. Have you ever looked at your child and wondered, how did they get their bodies into that position? Doesn't that hurt? Children have a wonderful ability to twist and turn their bodies without injuring themselves. A child will not likely go into a position that causes pain, and if they do so accidentally they are quick to come out of it.

The parent/child classes are not as quiet as regular yoga classes. These classes are full of fun poses that allow your child's imagination to take center stage. Your little one will roar like a lion, meow like a cat, and crawl through a bridge built by you. Together you will build partner poses with your child, creating mountains, airplanes, mirrors, and more! Each class includes yoga poses, songs, games and/or stories.


*After School Children's Program: Ages 6-10

Variety of yoga games and partner poses. Students learn over twenty individual yoga poses including four balance poses. This class focuses on following direction, breathing techniques, listening to our bodies, and thinking positively. No experience necessary. Mats provided.

*Announcement will be made in September detailing participating schools.


*Yoga for Skaters/Swimmers: Ages 5 - 10, Ages 11 - 14

With a focus on strength, balance, endurance and flexibility, yoga is a great choice for skaters and swimming. Students will focus on safe body alignment and body awareness through age appropriate poses and games. Students ages 9-14 will also learn about major muscle groups and how understanding and listening to our bodies can affect performance.

No experience necessary. Mats provided.

*This program is contracted and you must register through your skating/swimming program.