Where did the name Śānti Yoga come from?

The word śānti (sometimes spelled shanti, pronounced shahn-tee) comes from the Sanskrit language and means peace, tranquility, and calmness of mind. I couldn't think of a better name for the type of yoga and atmosphere I wanted to promote and share with others.

A little about me...

Years ago I turned to yoga to help with anxiety. Immediately I was amazed at the mental clarity that it gave me. After practicing consistently I noticed changes to my body - I have become stronger and leaner, my lower back problems have disappeared, and my core is stronger than it has ever been.



























Forearm Supported Headstand (Salamba Sirasana) on a rustic bridge found on the Manuals River Trail.



These physical benefits, albeit wonderful, are still secondary to me, as I return to my mat daily first and foremost to clear my mind. Sharing these tools with my family has benefited us all.



















Sometimes you just need to relax in Child's Pose (Balasana) on the kitchen floor.



I am a teacher with the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District, and hold a Bachelor of Education degree. Teaching is what I love, and in 2014 I decided to complete the required training and begin the journey of sharing my love of yoga with others.


I have completed a 200 hour Yoga Alliance Recognized Program and have received training in the following areas:

* Foundations of safety for personal practice and teaching

* Communication and breathing techniques

* Anatomy and Alignment

* Meditation and Hands on Adjustments

* Sanskrit, Bagava Gita, Yoga Sutras and Chanting

* Emotional Healing/Unification of Body and Mind

* Seniors/Chair Yoga

* Kids

* Props

* Balance Board



















The instructor trainings are intense and physically demanding, yet relaxing and so inspiring. I have left each and every training feeling renewed and uplifted. In the pictures above I am practicing various poses (asanas) for various levels of training. Being under the guidance of Master Trainers is truly a gift.



I teach yoga classes for children and teens, and watching them learn new yoga poses, as well as embrace the yoga lifestyle has brought me such joy. Youth are eager to talk about the good things that happen each day, to express kindness to others, and to show appreciation even when things aren't going their way. I am so proud of each and every one of them. I have had the opportunity to watch them become stronger, to improve their flexibility and balance, while also watching their confidence blossom.



















Beautiful trees (Vrksasana) fill the gymnasium during an after school yoga class.



I teach adult yoga classes in the morning and evening, ranging from beginner classes for the curious to advanced classes for the experienced yogi. I am in love with my small 6am class - getting out of bed so early can be difficult, but starting your day with yoga has so many benefits! All of my classes are comprised of a series of flows and choreographed transitions, allowing you to naturally flow from one pose to another. My focus is on deliberate and conscious movements, alignment principles, and breath. I don't take myself too seriously, and laughing is encouraged! I am here to guide you on your journey and my goal is to give you the tools and confidence to unroll your mat and practice anywhere and everywhere.



















Dancer (Natarajasana) on the beach at sunset.



I would love your to hear your feedback and questions. You can send me a message here, or email me at jennifer@santiyoga.net.